BNlue Heaven Bali East Set Menu
BNlue Heaven Bali East Set Menu

(Minimum guarantee 10 – 25 persons)

  • Cucumber noodle with Tuna Thai dressing
  • Pumpkin Cream soup
  • Green Chicken Curry served with rice OR Beef Gordon Blue (served with Vegetable of the day, Roasted Potato, Mushroom sauce)
  • Butter Cake Strawberry sauce OR Mix fruit plate with Ice cream


(Minimum guarantee 10 – 25 persons)

  • Mix Garden salad with Tuna Balsamic dressing
  • Soto Ayam
  • Pan Fried Chicken Escalope with Tomato Colish served with Potato and Vegetable OR Poached Tazmanian Salmon served with Boil Vegetable, Potatto, safron sauce
  • Chocolate cake OR Butter cake


(Minimum guarantee 10 – 25 persons)

  • Caesar salad (Romain Lettuce, Ham, Bacon, Parmesan Cheese, Crutoun, Caesar dressing)
  • Mushroom Cream Soup
  • Salmon Steak served with Garden Vegetable and Roasted Potato, Safroon sauce OR Pork Giross (Pan Fried Pork, Mexico Salsa with Pitra Bread and sauted  Vegetable)
  • Cheese cake Strawberry sauce OR Chocolate cake