Blue Heaven Bali Asian Set Menu
Blue Heaven Bali Asian Set Menu

(Minimum guarantee 10 – 25 persons)

  • Thai Seafood salad with Tuna, Calamari, King Prawn,Young Papaya,Mint Thai dressing
  • Chicken noodle soup
  • Fried Squid sauce Tiram served with rice OR Ayam goreng Taliwang with Sambel Ulek served with rice flavour Kemangi
  • Kue Pandan with Strawberry sauce

(Minimum guarantee 10 – 25 persons)

  • Vietnam Spring Roll with Glass noodle (Carrot, Cucumber, Spring Onion, Red chili, with Bangkok Sauce)
  • Tom Yam Kung Soup (Tuna, Calamari, King Prawn, Mushroom)
  • Green Curry with Chicken Eggplant, potato, served with rice OR Iga Bakar with Sweet chili sauce served with rice and vegetable of the day
  • Dadar Gulung OR Butter cake

(Minimum guarantee 10 – 25 persons)

  • Beef salad with Mix Lettuce served with Chili sauce
  • Seafood Curry Soup
  • Beef Mongolian (Sauted of Beef, Carrot, Broccoli, Onions, Mix Paper, Zchuan sauce served with Steam rice) OR Seafood Panggang (Tuna, Calamari, White Snapper, Chili dip sauce served with Vegetable rice and Broccoli)
  • Chocolate cake OR Mix Fruit Cocktail