Blue Heaven Bali Restaurant
Located at the cliff edge of Padang-padang beach, Blue Heaven Bali Restaurant is surely unique restaurant with stunning views

At Blue Heaven Bali Padang-padang Beach, we would like to extend a very warm culinary welcome to our Restaurant. We are excited to have you as our guest and are thrilled to have you experiencing our wide-ranging food & beverage offerings.

Blue Heaven Bali Padang-padang Restaurant is in a wonderful position right on cliff side of Padang-padang beach. Because of its location at a perfect spot, you can enjoy stunning momment while surise or sunset. And also, just below the cliff, you can see many surfer playing with the most famoust Padang-padang beach wave which is well known as international venue for World Surfing Championship.

The views from Blue Heaven Bali Padang-padang are spectacular. The large balcony sits practically overlooked to the magestic Indian Ocean. During the weekends the restaurant always has some sort of live music playing. The food is of high quality; the menu is creative, fresh and changes seasonally to make the most of whats best in the market.