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Blue Heaven Bali – Chinese New Year 2017

If you plan to be in Bali in February, your timing couldn’t be more perfect! The Chinese New Year – the year of the Sheep, is on the 19th and 20th of February this year and it would be a sin to miss the celebrations in Bali. The decorations, colourful masks and lights on these two days will simply take your breath away. One of the longest festivals in the Chinese calendar, the tradition started with honouring the deities and ancestors.

The Chinese New Year In Bali

The Chinese New Year is celebrated world over to pay homage to the Chinese traditions, usher in the New Year and praying it brings more happiness, prosperity and sustenance. The Chinese people take the opportunity to gather and meet with their loved ones and relatives and spend time with them. Another tradition that is important is cleansing the home so that any ill-fortune is swept away making way for good fortune and prosperity.

Visiting The Chinese Temples in Bali

Vihara Dharmayana is a Chinese temple in Kuta that you can visit to witness the amazing celebrations, colours and culture. You will get to see Barongsai dance, prayers, Dragon dance and fireworks; an absolute must see part of the celebrations. A few other temples in the Singaraja region and Denpasar are worth visiting for the festivities. Be sure not to wear black or white as it is considered bad luck; wear your flashiest red or yellow instead! Shades of red, yellow and golden are the favourites for the Chinese New Year and dominates all the activities.

Chinese New Years at Blue Heaven Bali
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